Performing Arts & Dance Battle Creek, Kalamazoo, Mattawan, Plainwell & Portage, MI

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If you’re a dancer, musician, singer, actor, or in another area of the performing arts, your passion requires a unique type of physical therapy. Our trained experts can help you recover from an injury and even prevent future injuries.

We treat:

  • The language of dance, theatre, gymnastics, cheerleading, music and skating to effectively work with the demands of each art form
  • The need to keep performing
  • The technique and terminology
  • The specific footwear requirements
  • The beginner to the professional

How we treat:

  • Studio-to-stage training
  • Manual therapy and osteopathic manipulation techniques
  • Modalities for soft tissue preparation and pain management
  • Taping techniques for postural retraining and support
  • Custom foot orthotic evaluation
  • Sport Psychology and Nutrition consulting

We are able to address the needs of the performing artist from the comprehensive evaluation to the functionally based treatment plan, manage and prevent your condition from happening again.

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