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Monday: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm
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Our office is located at 8892 N 32nd St., Suite 2. We’re located next to the Ag Resource Management office off N 32nd Street. At Armor PT in Richland, Michigan, our ambition is to provide convenience and high-quality care for those in southwest Michigan. To schedule your appointment or send over patient information, you can call us at At Armor PT in Richland, we employ a combination of conventional tools and advanced technology to diagnose an issue and determine the best course of treatment for our patients. Our sophisticated diagnostic tools include movement investigation and gait analysis, aimed at focusing on the root of a patient’s problem, rather than simply treating symptoms. Our treatment plans are unique to each patient, providing pain relief, promoting healing and helping prevent the risk of further injury in the future. 

At Armor PT in Richland, we provide some of the best services in the Richland area. Our specialties include: 

Even better, we can often help you get treatment and care from home, and this is possible thanks to the virtual therapy and at-home care services our team offers.

What we treat

We provide treatment for pain in many parts of the body, including:

 We also provide treatment for certain injuries, ailments and conditions, such as: 

Individualized treatment plans

The treatment plans designed by our leading physical therapists are targeted specifically toward the unique needs of each patient. At Armor PT in Richland, we aim to assist patients in improving their overall quality of life. 

Our patients have made tremendous progress, and we’re confident in the success that physical therapy brings. In many cases, physical therapy has even been known to eliminate the need for harmful drugs or surgical intervention to treat pain. 

If you’re looking for pain relief in the Richland area, contact our clinic today to schedule your initial appointment. We will get you started on the path toward effective and long-lasting relief.

Our Team

Our dedicated team consists of experienced professionals in the field of physical therapy. 

At our clinic, our main focus is on bringing patients to their highest levels of function and performance, with the least amount of discomfort. We are passionate about helping our patients reach their goals, encouraging them through every step along the way. At Armor PT in Richland, our focus is on YOU and helping you succeed in both your treatment goals and physical ambitions!

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