Evaluations for Cyclists

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What is a biomechanical evaluation?

You will spend approximately 45 minutes with a Board Certified Sports Clinical Specialist who will provide you with a complete lower quarter screen, including assessment of foot and ankle biomechanics as it pertains to proper bike position and fit.

Who would benefit from a biomechanical evaluation?

Anyone who rides a bike for fun or fitness, for road racing or mountain biking, for triathlons or criteriums.  Whether you are just a beginner or an elite rider, a biomechanical evaluation may be appropriate if you have been struggling with injuries or fit position on your bike.  We can help identify specific problem areas or prevent future overuse injuries. Many people are unable to ride efficiently or comfortably due to neck, shoulder, back, hip, knee or foot pain. Working collaboratively with a local bicycle shop, we can assist in determining the reason for your problems and develop a solution to correct the issue.

What do “you” get out of this assessment?

  • Suggested recommendations on position and fit for road or triathlon bikes
  • Assisting you or your local bike shop staff with the necessary changes based on the evaluation
  • Recommendations on cycling shoes or the need for a custom foot orthotic
  • Appropriate strength and flexibility exercises

What should I bring?

All that you need to bring is your shoes and shorts.  Please speak to the physical therapist about whether or not to bring your bike.

How do I get started?

To make an appointment or for more information about whether a biomechanical evaluation is appropriate for you, please call Armor Physical Therapy during normal business hours or request an appointment or free screening at Battle Creek, Kalamazoo, East Kalamazoo, Holland, Mattawan, Midtown (Downtown Kalamazoo), Plainwell,  Portage, Richland, Schoolcraft, and Three Rivers clinics . Gift certificates are available to purchase.

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