3 incentives to use pediatric PT for your children’s neck pain

Neck Pain in Children

Has your child been complaining about their neck hurting? While neck pain is a common complaint among adults, you may be surprised to learn that children often experience it as well. One of the most common causes of neck pain among children is poor posture. This is because children haven’t necessarily learned good posture yet, and spending hours sitting at a desk or looking up at a screen can often have detrimental effects.

However, your child’s pain may be a sign of something more serious. Muscle strains or a mild injury may also be the culprit behind neck pain in children. Thankfully, many of the muscle issues that cause neck pain can be treated at a physical therapist’s office. 

What are the benefits of pediatric physical therapy for neck pain?

Many parents might not be aware that physical therapy is available for children, but pediatric physical therapy can have many benefits. Here are three incentives for turning to a licensed physical therapist for neck pain in children:

  1. Identifying the issue — It can sometimes be hard for a child to know why they are experiencing pain or discomfort. A physical therapist can identify the cause of your child’s neck pain and work to correct it.
  1. Treating pain without medication — Most prescription pain medications are not intended for children and can have dangerous side effects. Physical therapy helps to reduce joint and muscle pain by using exercises and manual therapy techniques without the need for medication.
  1. Posture and gait training — One of the specialties of pediatric physical therapy is to help correct the problems that are causing your child to feel pain. Posture and gait training help to correct problems that your child might have while developing. This can include slouching and other problems that cause neck pain in children.

Where can I turn for pediatric physical therapy?

For your child’s care, you want physical therapy experts who have years of experience in treating children. Children have different treatment needs than adults, and so you need specialists who understand this. You can trust the experts at Armor Physical Therapy to treat your child’s neck pain.

Our team of experienced physical therapists have years of experience in treating a wide variety of conditions in both children and adults, including:

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