Sports PAIR Program

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Sports Performance and Injury Reduction Program

The Armor Physical Therapy Sports P.A.I.R. Program is designed to partner or PAIR with our local high school teams and athletes to work in conjunction with the athletic department, coaches, athletic trainers, and parents to provide unique opportunities to facilitate success.  For an athlete, improving their sports performance is first and foremost.  In addition to performance, our priority is to assist in reducing the risk for injury and loss of playing time.  There are different facets to our program that we feel can benefit any sports program or athlete sharing a common goal.

Specialty Services


Any of our Armor PT clinics will perform a free injury screen to assist in the proper course of care for the athlete, including self-treatment recommendations, communication to the high school AT-C or referral to a sports medicine physician. 


This program utilizes state-of-the-art motion capturing software to allow an Armor PT specialist to analyze a running athlete’s form and biomechanics as it relates to their specific sport.  Recommendations will be provided for appropriate strength, stretching or recruitment exercises, footwear, form, or the need for foot orthotics.  

$65 for individuals or please inquire regarding a team rate.

Anti-Gravity Treadmill Training

Armor Physical Therapy (Kalamazoo location) has the only anti-gravity treadmill (AlterG) in the area to allow patients and athletes to train reducing their body weight up to 80%.  This treadmill is ideal for athletes that are trying to recover from a injury or looking for a high-mileage training program with less risk of injury. 

$25/session or please inquire for multi-session rates.

Sport Specific Training Program

Our expert staff will perform a full-body comprehensive evaluation for an athlete and develop a sport specific functional training program to assist with helping the athlete achieve their individual goals.  We will work closely with the athlete, personal trainer, or coach to ensure each athlete will have the potential to optimize their performance to get them to the “next level.” 

$115 (Evaluation + 6 week follow up session) or please inquire regarding group rates.

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To get more information regarding our PAIR program, please call your nearest Armor Physical Therapy location during normal business hours or contact us through the website. 

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