What is causing the pain on top of my shoulder bone?

If you experience pain in the shoulder while extending your arm out, or just while moving your arms throughout the day, then you might be suffering from a shoulder injury or condition. There are many different causes behind shoulder pain, but some of them can worsen...

What are the treatment options for a partial rotator cuff tear?

Each of your shoulders is able to support the weight of your arms and power your arms for a wide range of activities thanks to the rotator cuffs. Each rotator cuff is a group of muscles, tendons and ligaments around the bones of the shoulder joint. These muscles,...

What causes chronic neck and shoulder pain?

Because of their close proximity and shared muscles and tendons, it should be no surprise that neck pain and shoulder pain often occur at the same time. There are many reasons people can experience pain in this area. In most cases, the pain is mild and inconvenient...

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