How women’s physical therapy can help with chronic pain affecting women

Dealing with chronic pain isn’t something that anyone wants to do, but it’s something that far too many women in the U.S. must do.  For instance, fibromyalgia is a condition that causes chronic pain in up to 12 million Americans. Medical studies show that up to...

Four types of physical therapy you’ll find in Kalamazoo, MI

Going through life with chronic or acute pain can be difficult and frustrating. Are you interested in reducing your symptoms from a wide variety of conditions? Finding a physical therapy provider in Kalamazoo, Michigan, may be your next step toward relief.  There...

Three stretches physical therapists use for hip arthritis

Arthritis can make your hips feel tight and difficult to move, and this can make you feel like you don’t want to move around as much. In turn, not moving around enough can actually increase your hip arthritis pain.  There are many people who experience this chain of...

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