How can physical therapists help with slip, trip and fall prevention?

Physical therapists play an important role in helping with slip, trip and fall prevention. One of those roles is identifying mobility issues. Mobility issues are those that affect gait, balance and coordination. These conditions can make it difficult to navigate...

Is having an annual physical therapy exam a good way to keep my joints in motion?

For the most part, you probably don’t consider seeing a physical therapist unless you’re experiencing pain or discomfort or you were injured and over-the-counter medications aren’t helping. When it comes to annual appointments, physical therapy rarely makes the list....

Four tips for improving your quality of life when you suffer from prolonged pain at the base of your spine

Pain at the base of the spine in your lower back can be related to a number of conditions. These conditions can make it difficult for you to enjoy your daily life and accomplish simple tasks like getting dressed or tying your shoes.  It’s important to take certain...

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