How can physical therapists help with slip, trip and fall prevention?

Slip, Trip and Fall Prevention

Physical therapists play an important role in helping with slip, trip and fall prevention. One of those roles is identifying mobility issues.

Mobility issues are those that affect gait, balance and coordination. These conditions can make it difficult to navigate stairs, walkways, or uneven surfaces at home or at work. Physical therapists can also help workers and their employers address overlooked dangers in a work environment that can increase the risk of accidents.

Ways physical therapists can help with slip, trip and fall prevention at work

Physical therapists can help an individual worker or a whole company improve their slip, trip and fall prevention. Some of the ways physical therapists can help include: 

  • Helping companies follow OSHA rulesOSHA has certain requirements for employers. As an example, the working conditions must be free of known risks. Workers should receive training designed to reduce these risks. Physical therapists come into play to provide specific instructions on how to reduce risks. They may even partner with the employer to deliver training to the employees.
  • Assessing workplace environments — Slippery surfaces and/or poor lighting can lead to a slip, trip or fall at work. Physical therapists can help assess your workspace and identify issues like these and more, and identifying issues is the first step toward improved slip, trip and fall prevention.  
  • Helping implement new prevention measures — A physical therapist can point out measures that need to be put in place. They might recommend protecting all floor holes that could be accidentally walked into by workers. They may suggest that each elevated platform, floor, or runway should have a guardrail and a toe board. Fixes like these can help companies stay compliant with OSHA.
  • Train employees to spot problem areas — Physical therapists can train employees to spot potential trip hazards. This is important when people are walking up and down stairs. Whenever you see an area without a handrail, consider how someone might trip over it or slip on something wet. Getting these things taken care of as soon as possible is essential if there is any chance of them happening.
  • Advice on ergonomics — Physical therapists can help companies decide on office furniture. A good ergonomic chair, for instance, can be adjusted to fit your body perfectly. Some chairs also have lumbar support cushions that support your lower back and eliminate the need to adjust your position throughout the day.

What if you injure yourself in a slip, trip or fall at work? Armor PT can help

Physical therapists can play a vital role in preventing injuries from falls by teaching workers and companies how to address these dangers. They can also help people after an accident has occurred. For instance, our Armor PT physical therapists can conduct tests to see how well someone moves after an injury. They can also help build you a personalized recovery plan for your specific injury and help you learn how to prevent similar injuries in the future.

Please contact us today to schedule your first appointment if you have fallen at work and would like to be evaluated by one of our top-notch physical therapists.

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