What causes hand and finger pain that’s not arthritis?

Many times, people who feel pain in their hands or fingers assume they have arthritis, especially when they feel a dull, aching and consistent pain. However, that pain can be a result of many types of hand injuries. The hand consists of 27 delicate bones, as well as...

The 5 hand injuries you’ll want a physical therapist’s help treating

Wrist and hand injuries are some of the most common injuries that physical therapists treat in their offices. After all, we use our hands for almost everything, so it is no wonder that we don’t want to be slowed down by a hand injury. Unfortunately, hand injuries can...

What problems can hand therapy in Kalamazoo, MI, help you with?

We rely on our hands every day. If the function of our hands becomes impeded, it can cause serious problems in daily life. Repetitive motions throughout the day can strain our hands.  Do you experience hand pain? If so, then finding hand therapy in Kalamazoo,...

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