What causes hand and finger pain that’s not arthritis?

Pain in Hands and Fingers Not Arthritis

Often, people who feel pain in their hands or fingers immediately think they have arthritis. However, there are many issues that can cause this type of pain that aren’t arthritis. 

Many of us are likely to feel pain in our hands at some point. In fact, a medical study found that almost 17% of people had hand pain during a one-month period. Treating your hand and finger pain starts with determining what’s causing your pain if it’s not arthritis, and this is a task that a physical therapist can help with. These specialists can also help you get effective treatment for your hand pain. 

Three conditions that are not arthritis and cause hand and finger pain

Arthritis is definitely not the only condition that can cause hand and finger pain. Some other conditions that you may have include: 

  1. Carpal tunnel syndrome — This condition happens when the median nerve in the wrist becomes pinched or inflamed. Often, carpal tunnel syndrome causes pain in the around the thumb, pointer finger and middle finger. 
  1. De Quervain’s tenosynovitis — This condition is caused by inflammation in the tendons around the base of the thumb. Common symptoms of De Quervain’s tenosynovitis include swelling and pain at the base of the thumb. 
  1. Trigger finger — This issue happens when the tendon sheaths around a finger tendon are inflamed. Trigger finger makes it harder to straighten your finger, but people also experience pain at the base of the affected finger. 

What can physical therapists do to treat hand and finger pain?

Once it’s confirmed that your hand and finger pain isn’t caused by arthritis, therapists can start treating the condition you do have. There are many therapy techniques that they can use to help ease your pain. A few of the most common techniques include: 

  • Ergonomic suggestions that can help reduce the risk of future injuries. 

Armor PT offers treatment for hand and finger pain

Feeling hand and finger pain that’s not caused by arthritis? Our specialists at Armor Physical Therapy can help you find effective treatment for your pain. We’ll start by doing a free screening to determine what is causing your pain. After that, our physical therapists will construct a unique therapy plan for you that’s designed to reduce your pain and stop it from coming back. 

Is your hand or finger pain making driving a chore? You can get help from our therapists without having to drive anywhere! This is possible thanks to the virtual therapy and at-home care services our team offers. 

Contact us today for more information about our therapy services for hand and finger issues or to schedule an initial appointment. 

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