The 5 hand injuries you’ll want a physical therapist’s help treating

Hand Injuries

Wrist and hand injuries are some of the most common injuries that physical therapists treat in their offices. After all, we use our hands for almost everything, so it is no wonder that we don’t want to be slowed down by a hand injury. Unfortunately, hand injuries can happen at any time. According to a study from the US Department of Labor, over 23% of workplace injuries are hand injuries. They can happen on the job, at home or while you are on the go.

Hand injuries and the pain they cause can be a major hindrance in your daily routine. Writing, cooking and using tools are all tasks that you may suddenly find yourself unable to do with an injured hand. Thankfully, physical therapy can help to treat many common injuries and help you get back to doing the things you enjoy. 

What hand injuries can be treated with physical therapy?

Many common hand injuries can be treated by a physical therapist. Here are five of the most common injuries that you’ll want a physical therapist’s help treating:

  1. Fractures — A fracture is a crack or break in one of your bones. Hand fractures are a common sports injury in sports where athletes use their hands, such as boxing and baseball.
  1. Tendon injuries — The tendons in your hand can become stretched and strained due to a sudden impact or from being bent in the wrong direction. This condition is known as tendinitis, and can cause pain and swelling.
  1. Sprains — A hand sprain can happen if you use your hands to catch yourself during a fall. The ligaments that connect the muscles in your hands to your bones can become damaged. This results in pain, swelling and an inability to grasp things properly with your hand.
  1. Carpal tunnel syndrome — Carpal tunnel syndrome is an injury caused by repetitive stress on the hands and wrists. The carpal tunnel nerve in the hand becomes compressed, causing pain as well as numbness in the hands and fingers. Office workers and those who use tools repeatedly are at higher risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome.
  1. Osteoarthritis — Pain in the joints or the hand may be caused by osteoarthritis. This condition occurs most often in adults over the age of 65, due to the natural wear and tear on our joints as we age. The cartilage between our joints deteriorates, causing the bones to rub together. This results in pain and stiffness.

Where can I turn for hand injury physical therapy in my area?

For licensed and experienced physical therapy professionals in the southwest Michigan area, look no further than Armor Physical Therapy. Our physical therapists are ready and willing to treat the pain and loss of mobility caused by your hand injury. A free screening will help us determine the exact cause of your pain and create a custom physical therapy plan to treat it.

Contact us today for more information or to schedule an initial appointment. 

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