Where can you find sports performance training in Portage, MI?

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Smoothly working joints. Muscles that are strong. Excellent heart and lung health. These are just some of the qualities that professional and amateur athletes need to maintain. 

Athletes are also very likely to injure themselves. In fact, medical researchers report that on average, 8.6 million sports injuries occur annually. If you’ve been experiencing difficulty participating in your favorite sports, you may need physical therapy. A licensed physical therapist in Portage, Michigan, can help athletes train more effectively. These specialists can also help you reduce your risk of an injury with sports performance training.

What to expect when visiting a physical therapist for sports performance training

Along with providing treatments for injuries and physical conditions, many physical therapists also specialize in sports performance training. Athletes demand a lot from their bodies. Sports performance therapists undergo years of training at the university and graduate level before receiving their license. This makes them well equipped to help athletes take care of their bodies.

Some of the sports performance services a local physical therapist can offer include:

What your sports performance training plan can look like

Physical therapists aim to provide high levels of care with personalized sports performance training plans. During your consultation, these specialists will perform an examination, including physical tests and a review of your medical history and lifestyle.

Depending on your needs and goals, your physical therapist will use the information from this examination to determine your treatment. Your treatment plan will be personalized to you, and it can contain multiple beneficial physical therapy techniques, including:

Additionally, you may receive instructions for exercises and stretches to do at home between appointments. These should help you toward your recovery or training goals.

Find the athletic performance help you need at Armor Physical Therapy in Portage

Are you ready to get physical therapy that can reduce your risk of sports injuries? Our team at Armor Physical Therapy in Portage is here for you. We offer free screenings that can jump-start your therapy process. In addition, our specialists are adept at building personalized therapy plans designed to improve physical performance. Our team can even begin your physical therapy if you don’t have a doctor’s referral. 

You’ll find our Portage clinic at:

6016 Lovers Lane
Suite 3 
Portage, MI 49002
Phone: (269) 329-0934
Fax: (269) 329-0965

Is this not the closest clinic to you? That’s no problem! We have four other clinics available across southwest Michigan. If you would like to schedule an appointment at one of those instead, you can contact us today to schedule an initial appointment. 

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