Why you should visit a physical therapy specialist in Plainwell, MI

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Pain in your back that keeps you from working. Knee pain that makes walking the dog a chore. Balance issues that keep you from playing with your grandkids. These are just some of the issues that millions of Americans face every day. 

A physical therapist can help you deal with these and many other issues. The physical therapists in Plainwell, Michigan, are trained to treat a wide range of injuries and other medical issues. If you’re experiencing loss of motion, decreased strength, or chronic pain due to an injury or condition, you may benefit from treatments from a physical therapist.

At a local physical therapy clinic, you can expect to find help with:

  • Childbirth recovery
  • Sports injury recovery
  • Work injury prevention
  • Arthritis, fibromyalgia and other physically taxing conditions
  • Sciatica treatment
  • Headaches
  • Pre-surgical rehabilitation
  • Post-surgical rehabilitation

What happens at your first physical therapy appointment?

Your physical therapy specialist will strive to help you reach your fullest potential, whether it’s recovery from an injury or training for a triathlon. You can always expect to receive personalized care and treatment from these medical professionals.

During your first appointment, your physical therapist will check your physical condition, review your medical history, and ask questions about your lifestyle and therapy goals. Once your assessment is complete, you’ll be able to begin treatment with your physical therapist to work toward your recovery goals.

As part of your therapy plan, you can expect your physical therapist to use some of the following techniques:

You may also receive instructions for exercises to perform at home between appointments. These exercises should help you meet your recovery goals quicker.

Find effective therapeutic care at Armor Physical Therapy in Plainwell

Would you like to talk with a physical therapist about the benefits of physical therapy? Our Armor Physical Therapy team in Plainwell is primed to help you find the beneficial care you need. We offer free screenings designed to reveal the issue(s) you’re experiencing. Our team can also build you an individualized therapy plan designed to reduce your symptoms and improve your ability to move. We can even get your physical therapy started if you don’t have a doctor’s referral. 

You can visit our Plainwell location at:

380 Oaks Crossing
Plainwell, MI 49080
Phone: (269) 685-9640
Fax: (269) 685-9641

If you would rather visit us at one of our other four locations in southwest Michigan, please visit our locations page to find one more convenient for you. Additionally, you can contact us today for more information about the physical therapy services we offer or to schedule your initial appointment. 

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