Two frozen shoulder physical therapy methods in Portage, MI

Frozen Shoulder Physical Therapy

If you’ve been diagnosed with adhesive capsulitis in Portage, Michigan, you could be looking at a much harder daily life for several months. Also called frozen shoulder, this condition typically causes shoulder pain, decreased range of motion and loss of shoulder mobility. These symptoms can make tasks like opening doors or raising a cup to your lips much harder. However, there are two physical therapy methods for frozen shoulder that can help you. 

1.   Manual therapy

Manual therapy is sometimes called hands-on therapy. This is because the therapist uses their hands to help you move parts of the body. For people with frozen shoulder, this is ideal since this condition makes shoulder movements painful and harder to do. 

However, not moving your joints at all can actually increase the pain and stiffness you’re dealing with. With manual therapies like joint mobilization, physical therapists can move the shoulder joint for you, and these movements are intended to reduce pain and stiffness. Also, soft tissue mobilization can be used to help reduce tension in shoulder-supporting muscles, and this can help improve mobility in the shoulder joint. 

2.   Therapeutic exercise

Another physical therapy technique often used for treating frozen shoulder is therapeutic exercise. One type of exercise that can be particularly helpful for this condition is range-of-motion exercises. These exercises are intended to gradually increase how much you can move your shoulder. As your shoulder recovers, strengthening exercises can be added to your treatment plan, providing more support for the shoulder joint. 

These aren’t the only physical therapy methods for frozen shoulder you’ll find in Portage, MI

At Armor Physical Therapy’s Portage clinic, we have many physical therapy methods at our disposal. This is a good thing for patients with frozen shoulder because it means we can more easily create a treatment program to fit your needs. Some of the therapy techniques that could make it into your plan include: 

Our plans are also designed to provide patients with a number of benefits. For example, they’re intended to help reduce the pain of frozen shoulder. Your plan can also be designed to improve shoulder range of motion and increase the strength of muscles in and around this joint. 

Are you ready to take the next step to get our help with frozen shoulder? Contact us today for more information or to schedule an initial appointment.

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