Two bulging neck disc treatment exercises in Mattawan, MI

Bulging Disc in Neck Treatment

A bulging neck disc happens when a disc in your neck is put under more pressure than normal. This extra pressure causes the disc to extend beyond the vertebrae, and the bulging part of the disc can rub on spinal nerves and cause neck pain. If you have a bulging neck disc that needs treatment in Mattawan, Michigan, a physical therapist in your area can help. For instance, they can show you how to do two stretching exercises for the neck that can reduce your symptoms. 

  1. Neck extension

Overly tense muscles in your neck could put extra pressure on the neck vertebrae and discs. To help reduce this tension, physical therapists may add a stretch called the neck extension to your bulging neck disc treatment plan. 

To begin this stretching technique, you’ll need to lie down on a padded table or bed. Before you start, your shoulders should be positioned at the edge of the surface, and your head should be unsupported. Once you’re in this position, slowly allow your head to drop toward the ground. This should produce a stretch in the front, sides and back of your neck, but it shouldn’t cause you any pain. If it does cause pain, stop the stretch immediately and let your therapist know. Hold the stretch for about one minute, and then rest the neck for a minute. Keep repeating the stretch until you’ve done three to five minutes of total stretching. You can also repeat this stretch throughout the day to maximize its benefits. 

  1. Chin tuck stretch

If your therapist wants to target the cervical muscles at the back of your neck, they may add the chin tuck stretch to your bulging neck disc treatment program. This stretch is commonly used because it can easily be done at home or at work, and it also doesn’t require any extra equipment. 

The starting position for the chin tuck stretch is either standing or seated with your back straight. Your head should be centered over your shoulders and facing forward. From the starting position, slowly push your head backward without tilting it upward until you feel a stretch in the back of the neck. Hold the stretch for between three and five seconds, and then slowly return to the starting position. Try to repeat this stretch until you’ve reached 10 total repetitions. If you want to deepen the stretch, use your fingers to lightly press against your chin as you tuck it toward your chest. 

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