These treatment options can help reduce your shoulder pain

Severe Shoulder Pain Treatments

Grabbing your coffee mug from an overhead cabinet. Playing catch with your kids or grandkids. Driving your car. These are all commonplace activities that can become more difficult when you have shoulder pain. 

It’s not that uncommon for Americans to experience shoulder pain. Medical researchers estimate that up to 70% of U.S. adults will develop some form of shoulder pain in their lifetime. Our physical therapists can help you find out what’s causing your shoulder pain. They can also help you find treatment options that can help reduce your shoulder pain significantly. 

Issues that should cause you to seek shoulder pain treatment

Many issues can cause you to seek shoulder pain treatment. The most common cause of shoulder pain is rotator cuff tendinitis. This issue occurs when tendons in your shoulder are overused and become inflamed. 

Some of the other common causes of shoulder pain include: 

Ignoring your shoulder pain can result in increased pain and an increased risk of further injury. It can even lead to permanent disability if you continue to use your shoulder when it’s injured. That’s why you should visit a physical therapist as soon as you start having shoulder pain.

How do physical therapists treat shoulder pain?

Physical therapists are licensed health care professionals who can treat shoulder pain using many methods and techniques. Often, the goal of shoulder therapy is to strengthen and stretch the muscles and tissues around the joint. This can help support the joint and reduce pressure on the nerves that may be causing your pain. Additionally, physical therapy treatments can help reduce the need for surgery and improve your recovery time.

Some of the treatments your physical therapist may use for shoulder pain include: 

  • Therapeutic exercises — Movements that stretch and strengthen the shoulder muscles can be helpful for reducing shoulder pain. Your physical therapist can show you specific therapeutic       exercises that target the precise cause of your pain. One study shows that a patient with shoulder osteoarthritis had a 39% decrease in shoulder pain after completing an eight-week exercise program. 
  • Instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM) — This technique involves your physical therapist using specially designed tools to apply pressure to soft tissue. One goal of IASTM is to reduce tension in soft tissue that’s increasing your pain. It can also help break up scar tissue from old injuries or trigger points developed from poor posture. One study of IASTM for shoulder pain reveals that just three sessions led to a 29% reduction in pain scores. 

Ready to try physical therapy-based shoulder pain treatment? Armor Physical Therapy can help!

Are you suffering from an injury or other issue that’s causing pain in your shoulder? Our physical therapists at Armor Physical Therapy are experienced at helping patients find ways of effectively dealing with shoulder pain. We offer free screenings that are intended to pinpoint the cause of your pain. Our team also excels at constructing personalized therapy plans designed to reduce your pain and prevent its recurrence. 

Unable to come to one of our therapy clinics for help? Don’t worry! Our team offers several therapy services that you can use right from your own home, including at-home therapy and virtual care sessions. We can even help you get started with your physical therapy if you don’t have a doctor’s referral. 

Don’t wait to start getting our help with your shoulder pain. Contact us today for more information about our helpful therapy services or to schedule an initial appointment. 

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