Sports injury prevention in Kalamazoo, MI

sports injury prevention

If you’re an avid sports player in Kalamazoo, Michigan, learning proper prevention methods can significantly reduce your risk of getting a severe sports injury. When you participate in high-impact sports like football, soccer or baseball, sports injuries like falls or collisions with your teammates are extremely common. Therefore, it is crucial to learn prevention methods through the following article to avoid developing painful injuries such as strains, sprains or fractures.

Methods for sports injury prevention

For those in the Kalamazoo area searching for sports injury prevention methods, the team at Armor Physical Therapy is here to help. We have a variety of sports injury prevention and performance enhancement programs, including:

  • Gait training This exercise helps to improve leg and foot mobility, thereby increasing stability and pace during a run. By adopting these new movement strategies, you will reduce the likelihood of falling from imbalance and causing a sports injury. 


  • Redcord — As a proven method to facilitate rehabilitation, fitness and sports performance, Redcord uses suspension slings to reduce weaknesses in muscle interaction. This results in the prevention of sports injuries caused by overuse.
  • Running analysis Our team will evaluate the way you run using 2-D video software. This assessment will help you avoid a sports injury by educating you on the proper form and the appropriate footwear to use based on the sport you are involved in.
  • Biomechanical evaluations — If your sport of choice is cycling, our physical therapists can perform a lower quarter screen to assess your foot and ankle biomechanics and recommend a proper bike fit and position to prevent overuse injuries. 
  • Lactate threshold training — This advanced system is designed to measure increases in blood lactic acid levels, which result in decreased athletic performance. The test will demonstrate your performance ability to prevent injuries caused by overtraining. 


Learn more about sports injury prevention with Armor Physical Therapy

At Armor Physical Therapy, we are passionate about sports and helping you get back to your active lifestyle. We have comprehensive orthopedic and sports physical therapy clinics designed to assess your individual needs so you can dominate your sport without causing injury to your body. 

To learn more about the sports injury prevention methods in our Kalamazoo clinic and schedule your initial appointment, contact our dedicated team today.

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