Looking for post-op rehab in Plainwell, MI?

Post-Op Rehab in Plainwell MI

Looking for post-op rehab in Plainwell, MI?

Total knee replacements. Total hip replacements. Rotator cuff repair surgery. Meniscus repair surgery. People having any of these procedures can benefit from post-op rehab with a physical therapist. 

Unfortunately, medical studies show that only about 10% of people take advantage of outpatient physical therapy services. If you’re facing an upcoming surgery, you should be thinking about physical therapy. 

Surgery is a physically demanding process that may require days or weeks for recovery. During this period, you may find difficulty acclimating to your post-op body. Also, tasks that were once simple, like getting dressed, can suddenly be difficult to complete on your own. Post-op rehab in Plainwell, Michigan, can help you deal with these and other post-surgery challenges. 

What normal daily tasks can post-op rehab help you get back to?

A physical therapist can help you recover from surgery by focusing on rebuilding the strength and flexibility of your muscles and ligaments. This will help provide support for your body that helps reduce pain and recover your ability to do things on your own, such as:

  • Balancing
  • Walking
  • Lifting objects
  • Getting dressed
  • Going to the bathroom
  • Loading the dishwasher

What to expect from your post-op rehab plan

Physical therapists can help you recover by using the latest methods and technology. Each treatment plan is personalized according to the needs of the individual, including surgery type, age, physical ability and medical history. 

Additionally, during your first appointment, your physical therapist will evaluate your strength, balance, posture and range of motion before developing your physical therapy program. Many post-op rehab programs include:

If you know about your surgery in advance, you should also speak with a physical therapist about pre-surgery rehab options. Pre-op treatments can help strengthen and prepare the body for surgery and help decrease your recovery time afterward.

Armor Physical Therapy in Plainwell offers effective post-op rehab

Are you ready to get help recovering from surgery in Plainwell? You’ll find it at Armor Physical Therapy. We offer free screenings intended to pinpoint issues you’re having after surgery. In addition, our therapy specialists can build you an individualized physical therapy plan designed to reduce pain and improve your ability to do normal daily tasks. Even better, you can start your post-op therapy program without a doctor’s referral. 

You’ll find our Plainwell location at:

390 Oaks Crossing
Plainwell, MI 49080
Phone: (269) 685-9640
Fax: (269) 685-9641

If you would rather visit us at one of our four other clinics, please visit our locations page to find one that’s closer to you. You can also contact us today for more information about the therapy services we offer or to schedule your initial appointment. 

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