Find post-op rehab from a physical therapist in Mattawan, MI

Post-Op Rehab from Physical Therapy in Mattawan, MI

Find post-op rehab from a physical therapist in Mattawan, MI

Let’s face it. Nobody looks forward to having surgery, but if you’re suffering from a debilitating condition or injury, it may be your best option for restoring your quality of life. 

People opting for surgery are by no means alone. It’s estimated that approximately 144 million Americans will be choosing to have an outpatient surgery by 2023. When you decide to have surgery, you need to be proactive in providing the best treatment possible for your body. Part of this is looking into your post-op rehab options in Mattawan, Michigan.

What can post-op rehab do for you?

Post-op rehab is a service offered by local physical therapy professionals, and it can help surgery patients achieve better recovery times and quality of life after surgery. This type of therapy works by improving your strength and flexibility, which provides support for your body and helps reduce pain while recovering.

Since surgery can take a massive physical toll on your body, you may have difficulties completing simple tasks, including:

  • Walking
  • Lifting objects
  • Going to the bathroom
  • Getting dressed
  • Eating and more

Post-op therapy can help you develop the ability to safely complete these tasks on your own during and after your recovery. Plus, it can help reduce scar tissue and post-surgical pain.

What to expect during post-op rehab

Each post-op therapy plan is designed to fit the needs of the individual patient. To develop a treatment that meets your specific needs, your physical therapist will assess your post-surgical condition and other factors, like age, medical history and fitness.

You can expect most post-op physical therapy programs to make use of therapy methods like:

If you know about your surgery in advance, you should speak with your physical therapist about pre-surgical treatment. Visiting a physical therapist before your surgery may help prepare your body for the trauma of the surgery and strengthen it for post-op recovery.

Armor Physical Therapy in Mattawan offers beneficial post-op rehab

Not sure where to turn for effective post-op rehab in Mattawan? Our team at Armor Physical Therapy is ready and willing to help you recover from many types of surgery. We can assess your post-surgical condition using one of our free screenings. Then, our physical therapists can create an individualized therapy plan designed to decrease your recovery time and post-surgical pain. We can even help you get the therapy you need if you don’t have a referral from your doctor. 

Wondering where we’re located? You’ll find our Mattawan location at:

24466 Red Arrow Highway
Suite D 
Mattawan, MI 49071
Phone: (269) 462-6431
Fax: (269) 668-7866

Not the closest clinic to you? That’s OK! Please visit our locations page to find one that’s more convenient for you, or you can contact us today for more information about our locations and services or to schedule an initial appointment. 

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