Why should I try virtual physical therapy?

Virtual Physical Therapy

It’s not uncommon for people to find reasons to avoid going to physical therapy. It’s too far to drive. I’ll have to wait too long to see a therapist. Physical therapy will be expensive. These are all common excuses we might give for not going to see a physical therapist. 

This mindset is likely one reason that about 90% of the people who could benefit from physical therapy don’t use it. What you might not know is that all the above reasons for avoiding physical therapy are actually reasons why you should try virtual physical therapy, or virtual PT. 

What is virtual physical therapy?

Virtual PT is a service that takes place online, and it can be used anywhere you have a stable internet connection. This type of physical therapy typically involves you meeting with a physical therapist via a secure video connection. Using this type of connection allows your therapist to talk with you face-to-face without you even having to leave home. 

Four reasons you should try virtual physical therapy

If the fact that you don’t have to leave home isn’t enough to get you to try virtual PT, there are other reasons you should consider it, including: 

  1. Getting an appointment faster — It can often take weeks or even months to get an appointment to see some medical professionals. However, people who use virtual physical therapy can experience 60% faster scheduling than they would for an in-person session. 
  1. Reducing your pain — Decreasing pain is a common reason people go to physical therapy. Evidence shows that 93% of patients who used one virtual PT provider had decreased pain afterward. 
  1. Spending less money — Medical services tend to be expensive in the U.S., but virtual PT can lead to a 47% decrease in your costs per visit. 
  1. High patient satisfaction — Evidence also shows that people are typically very satisfied with the virtual PT services they receive. One study found that more than 91% of patients were satisfied with their virtual PT. 

Find effective virtual physical therapy with help from Armor PT

Are you looking for top-notch virtual physical therapy services? Our team at Armor Physical Therapy can help you find exactly what you’re looking for thanks to our partnership with Agile Virtual Care. 

This provider offers virtual PT services across 32 states, and their sessions allow you to work one-on-one with an experienced physical therapist. You can even work with the same therapist throughout your entire therapy process. 

Contact us today for more information about the virtual PT services we offer or to schedule an initial appointment. 

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