Which performing arts injuries could be causing my buttock pain?

Buttock Pain Causes

If you are a performing artist, then practicing your craft can require you to perform the same movements repetitively. If you find that you’re experiencing buttock pain, then you’re probably wondering what might be causing it. If you are a dancer, actor, musician or another kind of performer, buttock pain can make performing onstage a daunting task. However, physical therapy can provide relief for a variety of buttock pain causes. 

Are you wondering what could be causing your buttock pain and if it’s connected with your craft? Physical therapy designed specifically for performing artists can address this concern and help provide you relief. 

Common performing arts injuries that cause buttock pain

Performing arts like dance, theater, gymnastics, cheerleading, marching band and more can cause buttock injuries. These activities require the performer to repeat the same motion during practice. This repetitive motion can lead to some common conditions causing buttock pain. Here are the most common conditions that cause buttock pain: 

  • Muscle strain If you overstretch a muscle enough, it can tear and cause a strain. Moving awkwardly or not warming up enough before practice can cause a muscle strain in your buttocks. A strain may cause pain and discomfort until it heals. 
  • Herniated disc Your spinal discs separate and cushion the bones in your spine. If a disc in your lower back slips out of place, it can be experienced as pain in your buttocks. A herniated disc becomes more likely as you age, but it can happen to anyone especially if you’re active and put daily strain on your back.
  • Sciatica Sciatica is a symptom caused by irritation of the sciatic nerve, which runs down your back, buttocks and legs. Sciatica can actually be caused by a herniated disc or other problems. Sciatica can also cause numbness and inflammation, but usually only affects one side of the buttocks and legs.

Do you think you may be suffering from any of these causes of buttock pain? Physical therapy can help get you performing with full confidence once again. 

Armor Physical Therapy understands the unique needs of performing artists 

If you’re experiencing buttock pain, our team can pinpoint the causes and determine the best treatment that accounts for your craft. Our specialists at Armor Physical Therapy are experts in a variety of performing arts injuries. We understand the need to continue performing, and our mission is to get you back on the stage as soon as possible. We are prepared to build you a personalized treatment plan to help you recover from buttock pain today.

Contact us today for more information about common causes of buttock pain or to schedule an initial appointment. 

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