When do people develop repetitive strain injuries that require physical therapy?

Repetitive Strain Injury Physical Therapy

Repetitive strain injuries are tricky. Unlike isolated injuries that only occur once, a repetitive strain injury is usually related to your job. Most people depend on their jobs, so it’s the goal of the physical therapist to treat the repetitive strain injury and educate the client on how to prevent the injury from recurring or even worsening over time. How this is achieved will depend on the injury and the occupational hazards of the individual. 

Are you wondering if you’re at risk for developing a repetitive strain injury? Physical therapy can help treat or even prevent these types of injuries. 

Who is likely to develop a repetitive strain injury that requires physical therapy? 

Some jobs are more likely than others to result in a repetitive strain injury that necessitates physical therapy. If you work a high-intensity job like construction or are an athlete, then you’re putting your body under a lot of stress every day at work. Eventually, this can cause a repetitive strain injury or a sports-related injury. 

However, it’s important to note that repetitive strain injuries can happen at jobs that aren’t high intensity, too. Workers whose jobs include typing and using a computer, or scanning items at a checkout, are liable to develop repetitive strain injuries. This is because the same motion several hours a day can cause a gradual buildup of stress that damages the muscles, tendons and nerves over time. 

The most common areas affected by repetitive strain injuries are:

  • Neck.
  • Shoulders.
  • Arms and elbows.
  • Wrists and hands.

Do you suffer from a repetitive strain injury? Armor Physical Therapy is ready to help

If you have a repetitive strain injury, it’s important to seek treatment. If you’re still working the same job that has contributed to your injury in the first place, a physical therapist can help you make adjustments that can help manage your symptoms. Our team at Armor Physical Therapy has years of experience treating work injuries. We are prepared to develop a personalized treatment plan that accounts for your job and can provide you relief from your repetitive strain injury.

Contact us today for more information about physical therapy for repetitive strain injuries or to schedule an initial appointment. 

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