What’s involved in a women’s health physical therapy session?

Women’s Health Physical Therapy

The specific steps involved in a women’s health physical therapy session can vary. In part, this has to do with the therapist you’re working with, but it can also vary based on the issue that you have. However, there are four general steps that are typically involved in a women’s health physical therapy session. 

Four basic steps that take place in the average women’s health physical therapy session

This type of therapy is designed to treat musculoskeletal disorders that primarily affect women. In most cases, such disorders involve a body structure called the pelvic floor. This is a group of muscles that lines the bottom of the pelvic area, and it helps support and control organs like the uterus, bladder and bowel. Several of the steps that may be involved in your first therapy session include: 

  1. Evaluating your movement — The pelvic floor muscles work closely with other core muscles, so certain movements could be uncomfortable or harder to do when you have a pelvic floor issue. Your physical therapist will have you do some movement tests to learn what movements are difficult or painful for you. 
  1. Asking you questions — Another way your therapist may gather information about your symptoms is by asking you questions about them. They may also ask you questions about: 
  • Your medical history.
  • What types of exercise you do.
  • Your daily routine.
  1. Performing a vaginal exam — The physical therapist you work with may want to perform a vaginal exam in some cases. However, they will only do so if you’re comfortable with it. 
  1. Starting your treatment process — Often, therapists will start treating your condition during your initial session. This could involve using soft tissue mobilization to reduce tension in pelvic floor muscles. Your therapist may also show you how to do therapeutic exercises designed to stretch and strengthen the pelvic floor. 

What types of issues can women’s health physical therapy treat?

There are many issues related to pelvic floor problems that physical therapists can help women with. A few of these conditions include: 

Armor Physical Therapy offers effective women’s health physical therapy

Not sure where to turn for top-notch women’s health physical therapy? Our specialists at Armor Physical Therapy are primed to help women find the effective care they need. We offer free screenings that can pinpoint the root cause of your symptoms. Additionally, our physical therapists are adept at building therapy plans designed to reduce pain and prevent the return of your symptoms. 

Don’t have time to come into one of our clinics? That’s OK! Our team offers several therapy services that allow you to get effective treatment from home, and these services include at-home care and virtual therapy appointments. You can even start working with us if you don’t have a referral from your doctor. 

Contact us today for more information about all the conditions we can help women treat or to schedule an initial appointment. 

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