What’s causing my lower back and buttock pain?

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You might think that a simple muscle strain is the answer to this question, and it could very well be. However, there are other issues that can also lead to a combination of lower back and buttock pain. 

Most people are familiar with lower back pain, and many have already experienced it. At any given time, researchers estimate that around 31 million U.S. adults have lower back pain. It’s also reported that more than 80% of people will experience back pain at some point in their life. Physical therapy specialists have the skills to help you learn the cause of your pain. In addition, these medical professionals can help you find effective treatment for your lower back and buttock pain. 

Five issues that could be causing your lower back and buttock pain

Physical therapists have the ability to determine the source of your lower back and buttock pain. Part of what makes this possible is their in-depth knowledge of the human musculoskeletal system. Also, these specialists are adept at performing comprehensive physical examinations. 

This combination of skills can help physical therapists diagnose the specific issue that’s causing your pain. Some issues they might uncover include: 

  1. Sciatica — A condition that occurs when one of your sciatic nerves is pinched or irritated. It often causes pain that shoots through the lower back, buttocks and leg. 
  1. Herniated lumbar discs — This issue occurs when the inner part of a spinal disc pokes out through a tear in the disc outer covering. The result can be nerve irritation and pain in all the areas the nerve serves. 
  1. Piriformis syndrome — An issue where the piriformis muscle in the buttocks is injured or inflamed. As a result, the muscle rubs against the nearby sciatic nerve as it runs through the buttock.
  1. OsteoarthritisHip osteoarthritis can cause pain to radiate into the buttock. It can also lead to lower back misalignment, which can cause lower back pain. 
  1. Sacroiliac joint dysfunction — A condition that happens when the joint that links the lower spine and pelvis becomes inflamed. The most common symptom of sacroiliac joint dysfunction is pain in the lumbar region and buttocks. 

Find help for your lower back and buttock pain at Armor Physical Therapy

Dealing with lower back and buttock pain? Our physical therapists at Armor Physical Therapy are ready to help diagnose and treat the cause of your pain. First, we’ll do a free screening to determine the source of your pain. Then, our team will build you a personalized therapy plan designed to reduce your pain, and this plan may include therapy methods like: 

Contact us today for more information about how we can treat your pain or to schedule an initial appointment. 

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