What to expect from virtual physical therapy: Three pre-session steps

What to Expect From virtual physical therapy

Businesses and schools shutting their doors. Social distancing. Greater difficulty accessing in-person services. All these issues are things most people are dealing with during the current COVID-19 outbreak. 

Luckily, a service called virtual physical therapy can allow physical therapists to continue providing care to their patients. Virtual physical therapy is when therapy services are offered through an online platform. Typically, this type of therapy is anchored by secure live video sessions with a therapist. There are several steps you can expect to take before a virtual physical therapy session.

Three pre-session steps to expect when doing virtual physical therapy

Virtual physical therapy can be useful for people with many issues. It can help people who are in the middle of post-surgical rehab. Virtual physical therapy can be useful for patients who are dealing with chronic pain as well. Additionally, it can help patients with soft tissue injuries like sprains, strains and tears. 

People who schedule a virtual physical therapy appointment might be wondering what to expect from it. Here are three steps you can expect to take prior to your virtual physical therapy session: 

  1. Checking your email — Email will typically be used to provide you with information about your virtual physical therapy session. Often, confirmation emails are sent after you schedule your session. Informational emails may also be sent to you from the therapy practice or online platform they’re using. 
  1. Checking your device’s hardware and software — Patients doing virtual physical therapy can use a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. However, the device you use will need a functioning camera for your session. It will need a working microphone and speakers as well. Additionally, you should check their internet browser to ensure it’s updated. 
  1. Creating a workable therapy space — Therapists recommend that virtual physical therapy sessions take place in a specifically prepared space. This space should be cleared of all trip hazards. It should also be large enough for you to perform therapeutic exercises and stretches. The space you choose for your virtual physical therapy should be well lit as well. All these criteria can help you spend as much time as possible working with your therapist and not preparing your space. 

Armor Physical Therapy is now offering virtual physical therapy

Are you wondering what to expect from virtual physical therapy? Armor Physical Therapy can help. In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, our team is now offering virtual physical therapy in addition to in-clinic visits for treating your aches and pains. 

Don’t wait to start getting virtual physical therapy from our experienced therapists. Contact us today for more virtual physical therapy information or to schedule an initial appointment. 

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