What is the cause of jaw pain and how do I treat it?

Cause of Jaw Pain

If you’ve been asking yourself these questions, you are not alone. Research reveals that more than 16% of people have experienced orofacial pain in the past year. This type of pain affects the face, jaw and other parts of the mouth. There is one issue in particular that’s likely to be the cause of your jaw pain. 

Temporomandibular joint dysfunction is likely the cause of your jaw pain

A problem called temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction is a top cause of jaw pain. Medical research studies report that TMJ dysfunction affects more than 10 million Americans annually.

This issue occurs when the muscles that work the jaw joint or the joint itself are injured or damaged. It can be caused by several factors. Often, TMJ dysfunction is a result of frequent grinding of the teeth. In addition, it can stem from involuntary jaw clenching brought on by stress or anxiety. This condition can also be caused by trauma to the jaw, such as a blow to the face while playing a contact sport. 

How can you treat your jaw pain?

There are many treatment options available to you that can help treat TMJ dysfunction. Physical therapy can be one of the most effective. One study showed that therapeutic exercises helped completely alleviate jaw pain in 30% of patients who used it.

Typically, a physical therapist will create a multitherapy plan for your jaw pain. In addition to therapeutic exercises, this plan may include: 

Armor Physical Therapy can help find the source of your jaw pain and treat it effectively

Ready to find out if TMJ dysfunction is the cause of your jaw pain? Our therapy specialists at Armor Physical Therapy are ready and willing to help you. We offer free screenings designed to reveal the specific source of your jaw pain. You can even come in for a screening without a doctor’s referral. Our team also excels at creating therapy plans that are personalized to your needs. Additionally, we’re currently offering virtual care and at-home therapy in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Don’t wait to begin getting our help with your jaw pain. Contact us today for more information or to schedule an initial appointment. 

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