What can I do about neck pain when turning my head?

Neck Pain When Turning Head

Looking both ways at a stop sign. Looking up to find the coffee mug you want to use this morning. Turning to talk to a friend while eating lunch. These common daily activities can be ones you’d sooner avoid if you have neck pain.

Unfortunately, it’s far too likely that many people will end up with neck pain. Medical research indicates that up to 65% of people recovered from a neck pain episode in the past year. Having neck pain when you turn your head can come from many issues. For instance, many cases of this type of discomfort stem from stiff neck muscles. This source of neck pain can often feel better if you use some easy self-care tips.

Self-care tips that can reduce neck pain when turning the head

Stiff and sore neck muscles occur fairly frequently for many people. They can come from sleeping oddly on your pillow one night, or they can be related to repetitive movements you did at work. The stiff neck muscles can also feel painful when you turn, raise or lower your head. Here are three self-care tips that can help reduce neck pain when turning your head: 

  1. Rest — Taking a break from your normal routine can help reduce pain. Resting allows your body to bring its natural healing processes to bear on your neck. It also gives it time to recover from repetitive neck movements you’ve been making. 
  1. Watch your posture — How you hold your neck and head can have a lot to do with neck pain. If you find yourself sitting with your head and shoulders slumped forward, change position. Try to sit with your spine straight, your shoulders back and your head upright. 
  1. Check your pillows — Sleeping with your head too low or too high can easily lead to a sore neck. Often, such positions are a result of the pillows you’re using. Check to make sure that your pillow is helping you maintain a straight spine while you’re sleeping. If it’s not, consider getting a new one. You could also add or subtract pillows to raise or lower your head. 

When should you seek professional help for neck pain when turning your head?

Not every case of neck pain will respond to self-care tips. If the neck pain you feel when turning your head doesn’t get better in a few days, you may want to consider professional medical help. Physical therapists are one type of medical professional who can help you treat serious neck pain. 

These specialists can help you treat serious neck issues like: 

Find help for neck pain at Armor Physical Therapy

Tired of feeling neck pain every time you turn your head? Our Armor Physical Therapy specialists can help you find effective ways to reduce neck pain. We can evaluate your neck and reveal the root cause of your pain. Our team can also build you a personalized therapy plan designed to decrease pain and improve your ability to move your neck. 

Neck pain keeping you stuck at home? Our therapy team can still help you get the physical therapy you need. In fact, our at-home care and virtual therapy services are intended to be used right from your home. We can even help you treat your neck issues if you don’t have a doctor’s referral. 

Contact us today for more information about our neck pain treatment services or to schedule an initial appointment. 

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