What are the causes of neck pain?

neck pain causes

There are many causes of neck pain. Debilitating pain and discomfort in this area could stem from a variety of factors like your muscles tightening from added stress in your life, degeneration of the vertebrae and discs in the neck as you age or neck strain caused by poor posture from hours of being on your smartphone or computer. If neck pain has invaded your life, it is essential to seek treatment immediately to avoid worsening your condition. To learn about the treatment options that can help you find relief from neck pain, read the following article.

Treating the causes of your neck pain

In order to function, the neck requires strength, stability, good mobility and proper alignment. Therefore, if degeneration, stress or poor posture start to occur, the structures of the neck can become irritated, possibly leading to a pinched nerve. If this is the case for you, conservative treatments may be able to help relieve the causes of your neck pain.

This may include treatments, such as:

  • Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation — TENS therapy uses low-voltage electrical currents to block pain receptors and treat the causes of neck pain.
  • Low-impact exercises — Activities such as walking, swimming or biking helps increase blood flow, improve range of motion and release endorphins, thereby easing neck pain.
  • Deep tissue massage — A massage therapist will target deep muscles and tissue layers to alleviate stress, improve mobility and help you manage your neck pain.

Relieve the causes of neck pain with Armor Physical Therapy

Don’t wait a moment longer suffering from neck pain. At Armor Physical Therapy, our team will evaluate your range of motion, strength, posture and alignment to find the cause of your neck pain and determine the best treatment options to help you find lasting relief.

To start your path to healing today, contact our team of expert physical therapists for an initial appointment.

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