Three ways physical therapists can help improve your balance and gait

Do you frequently feel unsteady? Have you noticed that there is something off with the way you walk? People who said yes to these two questions are likely dealing with a balance and gait disorder. 

Balance is your ability to keep your body upright and stable, and your gait is how your body moves as you walk or run. Balance and gait disorders target both of these facets of people’s lives. One study found that up to 20% of adults develop dizziness annually. Another study reports that gait problems affect about 25% of people between the ages of 70 and 74

Dealing with balance and gait disorders can be a challenge, but working with a physical therapist can do a lot to help improve your balance and address gait issues. 

These are three ways physical therapists can help improve your balance and gait:

  1. Gait evaluation — The first step toward treating a gait issue is to determine if you do in fact have one. Physical therapists can do a gait evaluation to pinpoint gait issues you’re dealing with. Often, your evaluation will be recorded so that your physical therapist can review it with you. Taking this step can also help physical therapists recommend more effective treatment options for your needs. 
  2. Balance training — This type of training is designed to help strengthen your muscles and improve joint function. Balance training often involves you doing specific therapeutic exercises for your core and legs. 
  3. Footwear recommendations — You may not be aware how much poorly fitting or worn-out footwear is affecting your balance and gait. Physical therapists can help determine if your footwear is a factor in your problems. They can help you find beneficial footwear and orthotic solutions, too. 

Find help with your balance and gait issues at Armor PT

Are you living with poor stability and an abnormal gait? Our Armor Physical Therapy team is ready and willing to help you address these issues. We can do a free screening to determine if you can benefit from physical therapy. Furthermore, our physical therapists excel at creating individualized therapy plans that can help you feel more stable and walk better. Even better, you can sign up for at-home care and virtual therapy sessions with us, so you don’t have to leave home to get our help. 

Contact us today for more information about how we can help you or to schedule an initial appointment. 

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