Three tips for tackling early signs of finger arthritis

Early Signs of Finger Arthritis

Arthritis can come in many forms, and it can affect any joint in the body, including the joints in your fingers. People who are developing finger arthritis often notice a number of signals early on. One of these signs can be finger stiffness and pain in the morning. You might also notice periodic swelling; you could also have increased pain after using your fingers for long periods of time. Here are three tips that can help you deal with these early signs of finger arthritis: 

1.   Start a hand exercise routine

One tip that can help you tackle the early signs of arthritis in the fingers is starting a hand exercise routine. This routine can include therapeutic exercises to stretch the fingers, and these exercises can help reduce stiffness in your fingers in the morning. They can also be useful after you’ve been doing an activity that has made your fingers stiff or sore. Another component of your hand exercise routine should be gentle strengthening exercises for your fingers. Such exercises can help increase the strength of finger tendons, and this increase can provide greater support for arthritic finger joints. 

2.   Carry objects differently

Many people tend to use their fingertips when carrying objects around, but this practice is one you should try to change when you have early signs of finger arthritis. Carrying objects is something most of us do every day. Cellphones, cans, water bottles. The list is pretty long. Using your fingertips to carry such objects isn’t a good idea when you’re starting to get finger arthritis. This way of carrying things places more stress on the finger joints, and the greater joint stress can increase the pain and stiffness in your fingers. However, carrying objects in the palm of your hand or in the crook of your arm can reduce the stress that carrying them puts on your finger joints. Also, it may help to carry objects as close to your body as possible. 

3.   Work with a physical therapist

A third tip for dealing with the early signs of finger arthritis more effectively is to start working with a physical therapist. These specialists have a strong knowledge of how the body is supposed to move, and they also know how arthritis can affect your finger joints. An effective therapist can combine their knowledge with the symptoms you’re dealing with. This allows them to come up with an individualized treatment plan that’s specific to your needs. 

Find personalized help with early signs of finger arthritis at Armor Physical Therapy

Are you looking for a physical therapy team that can offer you personalized help with the early signs of finger arthritis? Armor Physical Therapy has five clinics in southwest Michigan that are ready to help you. Each of our clinics offers free screenings to help us discover the specific arthritis symptoms you have. Our team can then use this information to build you an individualized treatment plan. Your plan gains its benefits from the therapy techniques it includes, such as: 

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