Three signs that Kinesio taping could work for you

Three Signs Kinesio Taping Could Work for You

Whether you’re watching beach volleyball, cycling or basketball, chances are you’ve seen athletes on TV or in person wearing brightly colored Kinesio tape. You may have even seen someone using it at the gym or the tennis court. You’re probably guessing it’s some sort of athletic tape that helps with injury prevention and/or treatment, but there are some key differences between Kinesio tape and traditional athletic tape.

Kinesio taping is the practice of applying elastic cotton strips with an acrylic adhesive on strategic locations throughout the body. While traditional athletic tape provides stability by inhibiting movement, Kinesio tape is designed to mimic the skin and provide stability by promoting natural movement.

If you’re wondering if Kinesio taping is right for you, the team at Armor Physical Therapy is sharing this helpful guide. As you read this over, feel free to get in touch with us at any time if you have questions or are interested in learning more.

Kinesio taping can be recommended for the following patients

Here are just a few indicators that you’re someone who could use Kinesio taping to relieve pain and restore functionality:

  • You’re an athlete looking to treat or prevent injury — This is the most visible group of people who use this treatment. Applying this tape in the right place helps prevent painful movements and can take pressure off of injured muscles for athletes ranging from runners to golfers.  
  • You work a physical job — Whether you’re a nurse who works on your feet all day or someone who has to do a lot of heavy lifting, Kinesio taping may be able to help in some cases.
  • Pain is preventing you from being more active — Some people are trapped in a vicious cycle of inactivity that can worsen pain. This in turn makes it even harder to be physically active. Kinesio taping can potentially make it less painful to exercise or complete a physical therapy program if you’re dealing with an injury.

If you believe Kinesio taping could be an appropriate option for you, you should speak with a qualified professional. Many physical therapists, including the clinicians at Armor Physical Therapy, are certified in the proper administration of these strips for maximum effectiveness.

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