Three secrets to successful spinal stenosis treatment

spinal stenosis treatment

Chronic back pain makes it difficult to live your life and enjoy your favorite activities. There are several different causes of back pain, and, fortunately, most of them can be treated with noninvasive methods. One condition that can benefit from noninvasive treatment is spinal stenosis.

Spinal stenosis is the narrowing of your spinal column, which puts pressure on the nerves in your spine. This is painful and can limit your mobility.

Treating spinal stenosis with physical therapy

People generally prefer noninvasive methods for treating spinal stenosis because there are fewer risks involved. Physical therapists specialize in a variety of noninvasive treatments for spinal stenosis.

Generally, the goal of physical therapy is to reduce pressure on the spine by improving muscle strength and flexibility. Weak and stiff muscles provide poor support for your upper body, which puts more pressure on the spine and makes conditions like spinal stenosis more painful. Strengthening and stretching the muscles can help support your spine and lessen pain.

The methods for achieving this goal are different with each patient depending on their personal needs. However, any successful spinal stenosis treatment usually includes the same three principles:

  1. Movement — When your back hurts, you’ll want to rest more for relief. There are benefits to resting, but too much rest can make the muscles weaker, which increases the pain in your back.

    Try going for a walk a few minutes every day. You may increase your walking time if you’re condition improves for better results. 
  2. Stretching and exercising — Physical therapists can guide you through stretches and exercises specifically designed to help improve back and core strength. This provides support for your upper body and takes pressure off your spine, which helps a lot in reducing pain. 
  3. Dedication — Moving, stretching and exercising do not treat pain overnight. They require dedication and patience to pay off. Your physical therapist will help you stay motivated by creating short- and long-term goals you can reach on your journey in treating spinal stenosis.

Visit Armor Physical Therapy for spinal stenosis treatment

Our physical therapists at Armor Physical Therapy specialize in a variety of treatments that help treat pain in people with spinal stenosis. If you’re suffering from spinal stenosis and would like to find out how physical therapy can help you, talk to one of our team members today. Contact us for more information or to schedule an initial appointment.

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