Therapeutic exercises help with lower back pain treatment

Lower Back Pain Treatment

Lower back pain is a common issue experienced by adults in the U.S., and you may have heard older people refer to this type of pain as lumbago. This type of pain is so common that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) estimated that more than 80% of adults experience low back pain at some point in their lives. For adults who suffer from lumbago, therapeutic exercises are a physical therapy technique that can provide effective lower back pain treatment.

Why are therapeutic exercises useful in lower back pain treatment?

When you have pain in the lower back, effective treatment is most likely your top priority. Therapeutic exercises are designed to help you get the effective treatment you need, and this is one reason they’re so useful for treating lumbago.

They’re also useful because they’re designed to offer many benefits to patients in pain. Probably the most important benefit of therapeutic exercise is they’re intended to reduce pain. They’re also designed to strengthen muscles that provide support to your spine. These exercises can also be used to work on increasing the flexibility of your back. Other benefits therapeutic exercises are designed to provide include improving balance, stability, muscle endurance and overall fitness.

Types of therapeutic exercises used for lower back pain treatment

There are many types of therapeutic exercises a physical therapist can use. In cases where you’re suffering from lower back pain, multiple types of exercises may be included in your treatment plan.

For instance, your therapy program may include range-of-motion exercises. Range of motion is the amount you’re able to move the joints in your body. You may not know it, but your spine is actually made up of many joints that work together to provide flexibility and support. When one or more of these joints is injured or restricted, your range of motion is limited. This can be the primary cause of your back pain. Range-of-motion exercises and stretches are designed to help your spinal joints regain their normal ability to move.

Other types of therapeutic exercises that may be used in your lower back pain treatment include exercises for:

  • Muscle performance
  • Posture
  • Balance and coordination
  • Relaxation

At Armor Physical Therapy, our team is experienced at using therapeutic exercises to treat lumbago. We also have many other physical therapy techniques we can use to treat your pain. If you’re interested in finding out how we can help you, there’s only one initial step you’ll have to take to get our help.

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