Tension headaches in the back of your head? How Portage, MI, patients can find relief

Relieving Tension Headaches in the Back of Your Head

Whether you’re at work, at play or spending time with your family, there’s nothing worse than when a tension headache rears its ugly head. Maybe you just received some stressful news, maybe you’ve been spending hours hunched over a keyboard without realizing it or maybe you haven’t been eating properly. Regardless of the acute cause, tension headaches can effectively put an end to your day. 

While everyone has to deal with tension headaches from time to time, if they start to become chronic and you’re reaching for the pill bottle day after day — it’s time to take action. While many people experience headaches primarily in the front of their heads, tension headaches in the back of the head are also common. By working with a medical professional, you can reach a diagnosis for the cause of these headaches and develop a treatment plan. 

At Armor Physical Therapy in Portage, Michigan, our highly skilled team has been helping patients overcome tension headaches for years, whether they occur in the front or back of the head. To help you learn more about the benefits of physical therapy as a treatment option, take a few moments to review the following brief and easy-to-understand guide. 

Physical therapy for tension headaches

Tension headaches in the back of the head can be related to postural issues and strain on the muscles at the base of the skull, called the suboccipital muscles. In these and other cases, physical therapists can help you identify the physical contributors for your headaches and develop a strategy to manage and hopefully prevent them from developing. 

To do this, therapists will first perform an assessment of your posture and movements while also asking questions about your daily activities and other triggers for your tension headaches. With this information, you and your therapist can create a targeted treatment plan to achieve your goals. Common options include:

  • Posture training
  • Lifestyle coaching and ergonomic improvements
  • Range-of-motion exercises
  • Manual therapies, including myofascial release
  • Therapeutic exercises

It’s important to commit to any lifestyle changes that are being recommended. In some cases, simple things like taking breaks, staying hydrated and performing special stretches can help prevent tension headaches. 

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