Rotator cuff therapy in Mattawan, MI

Rotator Cuff Therapy in Mattawan, MI

The shoulder is a weak joint and prone to injury. The rotator cuff is a group of muscles, ligaments, and tendons that surround the shoulder joint and are responsible for rotation. Injuries most often occur due to sports or jobs that require repeated overhead motions or heavy lifting over a long period of time. The chance of injury also increases with age.

When you injure your rotator cuff, you may feel a dull ache deep in the shoulder and notice a loss of strength as well as motion. This can disturb your sleep, make everyday activities like brushing your hair and getting dressed difficult, impact your athletic performance and weaken your arm.  

Why seek rotator cuff therapy?

Left untreated, rotator cuff injuries can lead to a permanent loss of motion or more serious problems. A mix of rest and physical therapy can help you heal and prevent future reoccurrences. Multiple injuries over time or a severe tear may require surgery. Without the proper treatment, range of motion will be lost. This can have long-term repercussions for athletes.  Our physical therapists are dedicated to sports medicine and will create a rehabilitation plan based on the performance needs of the athlete.

If you have had surgery due to a rotator cuff tear, we will work with your doctor to create a post-surgical rehab plan to help your shoulder heal properly. If the tear is not treated correctly, it could develop into arthritis or a frozen shoulder. It is the job of our specialists to help you improve the feel and function of your rotator cuff as it heals.

Physical therapy provides noninvasive methods to help reduce the pain and restore your range of motion. At Armor Physical Therapy in Mattawan, Michigan, your treatment may include stretching and exercising, manual therapy, electrical stimulation and more. Each treatment plan is personalized to the needs and goals of the patient. Whether that means getting back on the job or back on the field, our physical therapists want to help you get there.

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