Physical therapy in Portage, MI, is helping hip pain

Physical Therapy in Portage, MI Is Helping Hip Pain

If you are suffering from hip pain and live in Portage, Michigan, our physical therapists are ready to help you improve mobility, reduce pain and avoid surgery through a personalized treatment plan. Hip pain doesn’t just affect the hip. It can also be felt in the thigh, groin, buttocks, and inside or outside of the hip joint. If there is pain elsewhere, such as the back, it can radiate into the hip, and the problem might actually lie with the sciatic nerve or spine. For optimal results, it is important to receive a diagnosis of the underlying cause of the pain.

What causes hip pain?

In older adults, the most common cause of hip pain is arthritis. Stiffness and a reduced range of motion in the hip are due to the inflammation of the hip joint and the breakdown of cartilage that is needed to cushion your hip bones.

Repetitive activities can also overwork or irritate the hip. Bursitis is the inflammation of sacs of liquids called bursae. These sacs are found between bones, muscles and tendons, and they keep the tissue from rubbing together. Tendinitis is when tendons that attach bone to muscle become inflamed or irritated due to repetitive stress and overuse. Strain on the muscles, tendons and ligaments that support the hips can also become inflamed from overuse.

Osteonecrosis is a condition where blood flow to the hip bone slows and bone tissue dies. This happens more often in the hip, though it can happen elsewhere. A hip fracture or dislocation are two of the many causes of this condition.

How physical therapy in Portage, MI, can help hip pain

When you first visit an Armor Physical Therapist for hip pain, a range-of-motion measurement, strength measurements and gait evaluation will be performed. Next, a personalized treatment plan will be created that will include specific exercises geared to improve hip strength, reduce pain and increase mobility. Physical therapy is a noninvasive treatment plan that can help you reduce or avoid pain meds and possibly surgery. It can also help you recover faster and give you the knowledge and tools you need to prevent future reoccurrence.

Contact us today to set up your initial appointment if you are ready to reap the benefits of physical therapy for hip pain. If Portage is too far from your home, use our location page to find a more convenient clinic.

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