Neck pain treatment in Plainwell, MI

neck pain treatment

If you’re in need of neck pain treatment in and around Plainwell, Michigan, finding relief is closer than you think. At Armor Physical Therapy, we have clinics throughout southwest Michigan dedicated to treating musculoskeletal conditions like neck pain. In fact, our sophisticated diagnostic methods, such as our gait analysis and movement investigation, have ranked us among the top physical therapy practices in the Plainwell area. Read on to learn about when neck pain treatment is necessary and what physical therapy methods can ease your symptoms. 

When to get neck pain treatment

Not sure if you need neck pain treatment or if your condition will dissipate on its own? Well, neck pain can often be accompanied by symptoms such as tingling, numbness, weakness, inflammation and stiffness. If your neck pain symptoms keep progressing after a few days and steps toward treatment aren’t taken, your condition can often become debilitating and cause you to miss out on the fantastic activities Plainwell has to offer like golfing and hiking.

Depending on the severity of your neck pain, physical therapy is often recommended as a conservative measure to prevent your condition from worsening. This may include neck pain treatments, such as:       

  • Active physical therapy Active physical therapy involves learning body exercises designed to ease the pain surrounding the muscles in the neck, low-impact activities to increase blood flow and stretching exercises to improve neck flexibility and strength. 
  • Passive physical therapy — Applied by a physical therapist, passive modalities are aimed at reducing pain, stiffness and inflammation felt in your neck through methods such as TENS therapy and massage therapy.

Visit Armor Physical Therapy for neck pain treatment today

Don’t let another day go by of missing out on the activities you love. At our Plainwell clinic, our physical therapists will evaluate your neck strength, range of motion, posture and alignment to create targeted treatments with the goal of promoting healing in your neck and helping you find lasting relief from your condition. 

Start recapturing your life from neck pain today. Contact Armor Physical Therapy for more information about our neck pain treatments in Plainwell and to schedule your initial appointment with a member of our dedicated team.

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