Neck pain relief

Neck Pain

Patients seeking neck pain relief from chronic stiffness and discomfort sometimes turn to some drastic treatments. Opioid painkillers and surgery may be a solution, but there are substantial risks involved with those treatments. Armor Physical Therapy can show you some simple, easy and effective treatments for neck pain relief.

Improve your posture

Bad posture is something more Americans than ever face sitting hunched over in front of a desk at work. Sitting with a forward head position places strain on the muscles in the neck in a position that is against the normal curvature of the vertebrae in the neck. Try this exercise to relieve tension in those muscles and find some neck pain relief:

  • Begin by standing or sitting straight up with your head upright and looking forward. 
  • Next, squeeze your shoulder blades together as if you are trying to hold a coin in place between them. 
  • From this position, push your shoulder blades down towards your lower back and hold for a few seconds. 
  • Repeat five to eight times.

Most of us do not realize how much tension we constantly have on our neck muscles. This exercise engages the muscles in the back to reduce strain and tension on muscles in the neck and shoulders.

Stay limber

As we age, flexibility tends to decline if we do not actively stretch our muscles and joints. Yoga and other stretching exercises can keep us limber and even provide some neck pain relief.

Yoga, especially, has routines that specifically target the shoulder and neck area. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on classes either. Many instructors will post workouts for free on the internet. Yoga exercises also can be modified to accommodate physical disability or weakness.

Physical therapy

There are several effective physical therapy treatment options for neck pain relief. Myofascial release can be used to target specific pain points and reduce tension or inflammation. The physical therapist may also prescribe exercises to improve range of motion and build strength in the neck muscles.

If you are seeking neck pain relief treatment options, contact one of our friendly staff today to set up your first appointment.

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