My ankles hurt after running

ankles hurt after running

If your ankles hurt after running, it is important not to let your discomfort go ignored. Ankle pain is often a sign of a deeper issue. Left untreated, it may become more intense and lead to further symptoms. When it comes to addressing ankle pain, a proactive strategy can be the most effective in the long run. Physical therapy is one great source of pain relief. A physical therapist can help identify the source of your pain and come up with innovative solutions. By learning about potential reasons for your ankle pain after running, you can make an informed decision regarding future treatment.

Running is an essential aspect for the lives of many people. Whether you are a professional athlete or a running enthusiast, going for a run can be a fantastic way to stay active and enjoy the outdoors. Running releases endorphins, natural “feel-good” chemicals produced by your body. These endorphins can leave you with a feeling of euphoria after a good run. When your ankles hurt after running, though, you might instead end a run with feelings of frustration and discomfort. If running leaves aches and pains in your ankles, you are not alone. This is a relatively common situation with a variety of causes. Determining the source of your pain can empower you to seek out the right solution for your condition.

Why do your ankles hurt after running?


  • Improper footwear — Running can put a lot of wear and tear on your shoes. As such, it is important to use the right footwear. The best running shoes will fit your feet and provide support for your arches. Sufficient padding is also important to absorb the shock of impact. If you are wearing shoes that fit poorly or are not made for running, they might be a factor in your pain. Shoes without adequate support can put strain on your ankles. This may cause discomfort and pain over time. To avoid putting continued stress on your ankles and feet, it might be time to upgrade your footwear. Shoes designed for running can have a huge impact on your comfort and performance. Orthotic inserts for your shoes can also offer major benefits. These inserts can help your shoes conform to the shape of your feet, reducing the risk of pain and injury.

  • Overuse — Balance is crucial to any exercise routine. If you push yourself too hard, you can run the risk of overuse. Overuse can result in injuries such as muscle strains, which can prevent you from running until you recover. Allowing enough rest between runs and staying within your capabilities can help prevent overuse. Through physical therapy strengthening exercises, you can work to strengthen certain muscles and increase your stamina. Building strength and endurance in your leg muscles can help you run for longer periods without experiencing pain from overuse.

  • Running gait — Proper technique is crucial to running efficiently. Running with improper technique can heighten the risk of injury and make you burn more energy. Your running gait, or the way your body moves when you run, plays a major role in your technique. Gait issues can cause strain and make your ankles hurt after running. For many people, gait issues are tied to balance issues. Your physical therapist can provide balance and gait training to help improve the way you run. Running gait issues such as landing too heavily on your heels can be difficult to notice on your own. With physical therapy, you can benefit from the observations of a professional. Improving your gait can enable you to run more effectively without your ankles hurting afterward.

  • Old injuries — If your ankles hurt after running, you might be concerned about potential injuries. Injuries that can cause pain after running range from sprains to nerve damage. While it is important to consider this possibility and receive a professional evaluation, new injuries are not the only injuries that can hurt your ankles after running. If you have experienced ankle injuries in the past, their effects may still linger. Scar tissue and weakened ligaments are some lasting injury effects that can continue to cause pain under certain conditions. Physical therapy can help relieve the effects of older injuries by helping your body complete the healing process. Through treatments like manual therapy, you can break down scar tissue and promote circulation.

Keep your ankles from hurting after running with help from Armor Physical Therapy

Looking for ankle pain relief so you can return to running? Armor Physical Therapy can help reduce your running-associated pain through an array of top-notch treatments. With physical therapy, you can improve the way you run to stay efficient and comfortable.

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