Lower back pain treatment

Lower Back Pain

While the vast majority of people will experience some back pain in their life, not everyone will have the severe discomfort that causes them to seek lower back pain treatment. For those that do experience chronic back pain, finding relief can seem like a full-time job. How do you sort through all the conflicting advice, opinions and methods? Fortunately, Armor Physical Therapy is here to share some simple and effective lower back pain treatment methods.

Stay on the go

When experiencing lower back pain, it is tempting to lay in bed until the problem goes away. While rest is important, our bodies and spines were meant to move! Continue with your daily activities. For instance, go for a walk.

Once you are able, begin lighter impact aerobics like swimming or biking. Stretching can also help you keep up the range of motion in your back. Keeping yourself mobile and limber is one of the best lower back pain treatments you can do for yourself.

Hot and cold therapies

We have been told to use ice and heat as lower back pain treatments for decades. It has been repeated so many times you may have forgotten exactly why and how these treatments work.

Cold therapy works to reduce swelling and inflammation which contribute to the pain that you feel. Heat works by increasing blood flow to an area to promote the body’s own natural healing process. Try a routine of applying heat for 10 minutes, then cold for 10 minutes and then heat once again for 10 minutes.

Physical therapy for lower back pain

Physical therapy can offer several effective lower back pain treatments including:

  • Therapeutic exercise to increase muscle strength and stability
  • Myofascial release or trigger point therapy to ease tension
  • Electrical stimulation with a TENS unit to increase circulation and reduce swelling

The physical therapist will perform a thorough evaluation to determine the root cause of your lower back pain. This way, he or she can provide you with the most effective treatment plan.

If you are seeking treatment for your lower back pain, contact one of our friendly administrative staff to schedule your initial appointment.

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