How women’s physical therapy can help with chronic pain affecting women

Dealing with chronic pain isn’t something that anyone wants to do, but it’s something that far too many women in the U.S. must do. 

For instance, fibromyalgia is a condition that causes chronic pain in up to 12 million Americans. Medical studies show that up to 90% of the Americans who suffer from this chronic issue are women. 

Helping women address chronic pain causes like fibromyalgia is one goal of women’s physical therapy, and there are multiple ways that practitioners of this type of physical therapy work to address chronic pain. 

Three ways women’s physical therapy can help women address chronic pain: 

  1. Educating — One of the best ways that women can fight back against chronic pain is to learn more about what’s causing it. Each cause is different, which means treatments and daily modifications are often different. 

Women’s physical therapy plans are designed to help women learn as much as possible about the cause of their chronic pain. Additionally, physical therapists with this speciality seek to help you learn how to modify your daily routines in ways that can help decrease your pain. 

  1. Treating — Physical therapists know that treatments can best help people with chronic pain when they’re personalized to each patient. The physical therapists who specialize in women’s health also have many treatment techniques at their disposal, including: 
  1. Preventing — Chronic pain often flares up regularly, but help from a physical therapist can help women reduce the number of flare-ups they experience. In some cases, your physical therapist may be able to address an underlying issue that’s triggering long-term pain, which can help prevent long spells of pain in the future. 

Find women’s physical therapy for your chronic pain at Armor PT

Are you a woman who’s living with chronic pain? Our women’s physical therapy experts at Armor Physical Therapy are primed to help you address your chronic pain. Our team offers free screenings that can pinpoint the issue behind your long-term pain. In addition, our physical therapists are adept at building personalized therapy plans designed to reduce and prevent future pain. We even offer at-home care and virtual therapy services that can help you treat chronic pain from home. 

Contact us today for more information about how we can address chronic pain in women or to schedule an initial appointment. 

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