How to sleep more comfortably with back pain and sciatica

How to Sleep With Back Pain and Sciatica

Anyone with back pain or sciatica knows how difficult it can sometimes be to sleep through the night. Many people are left wondering things like, “Why do I have lower back pain?” or “How can I sleep more comfortably with back pain and sciatica?” This problem is fairly common. During one study conducted in 2010, about 59% of participants reported that back pain negatively interfered with their sleep, a number that was higher than smaller, similar studies.

3 tips a physical therapist can offer on how to help people with back pain and sciatica sleep more comfortably

  • Consider the position you’re sleeping in — It can be impactful to think about the way you are lying in bed during sleep. Most physical therapists recommend sleeping in a neutral position, on your back. If you prefer to sleep on your side, try sleeping on your other side. It may help to place a pillow in between your legs.
  • Strengthen your core — Building your core muscles is one key way you can help prevent back pain during sleeping. Your core supports your back, so if you have a weaker core it could help to build strength in your abdomen for more comfortable sleep.
  • Make sure you have the right support — It’s a good idea to keep your head and neck supported by a pillow at all times. You might also benefit from making sure you have a good-quality mattress or foam topper. 

Back pain and sciatica during sleep can have a variety of trickle-down effects. It can leave you feeling frustrated and drained. Repeated lack of sleep can cause poor moods, lowered immune system responses and extreme fatigue. People who lack sleep due to chronic back issues are even more likely to visit the hospital for their back conditions. It’s important that you get the assistance you need, which is why physical therapy could be a helpful option for you.

Armor Physical Therapy can help you manage your difficulty sleeping due to back pain and sciatica

If your back pain or sciatica is interfering with your daily sleep, it may be time for you to consider consulting the help of a physical therapist. At Armor Physical Therapy, our specialists are professionally trained in knowing how to identify and treat the cause of your pain. Let us help you get back to restful and healthy sleep. We know how important it is to relieve your pain so that not only does your quality of rest improve, but also your quality of life.

If you’re still wondering how physical therapy can help you sleep with back pain and sciatica, please feel free to reach out to our specialists. Contact us today for more information or to schedule an initial appointment. 

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