How physical therapy helps you prepare for surgery naturally

How to Prepare for Surgery Naturally

Preparing for surgery can be an overwhelming task. You have to schedule the procedure. There’s insurance information to look up and give to your surgeon. With all the steps you must take to prepare for the surgery, you might forget that part of the preparation process includes preparing your body. 

Often, people experience pain, stiffness and decreased range of motion in the affected area before surgery. Physical therapists can help you figure out how to reduce these symptoms and prepare for surgery naturally. In fact, they offer a service called pre-surgical rehab or pre-hab that’s specifically designed for these two purposes. 

How can pre-hab help you prepare for surgery naturally?

Most people think of physical therapy as being helpful after surgery. However, they aren’t aware of how it can help you prepare for surgery naturally. 

Physical therapists can build you an individualized pre-hab plan intended to benefit you in multiple ways. One of the most important benefits that pre-hab can offer is decreasing your need for therapy after surgery. In fact, researchers report that patients who used pre-hab before total knee or hip replacements reduced their need for post-surgical therapy by up to 73%. 

Additionally, pre-hab can offer patients other benefits, including: 

  • Reducing pain prior to surgery
  • Strengthening muscles near the operation site
  • Decreasing post-surgical recovery time
  • Shortening post-surgical hospital stays
  • Increasing familiarity with therapy methods that could be used after surgery

Armor Physical Therapy offers effective pre-surgical rehab

Helping patients prepare for surgery naturally is the whole point of the pre-surgical rehab we offer at Armor Physical Therapy. We offer free screenings that can help you get started with pre-hab. These screenings are intended to help us learn which symptoms you’re experiencing before surgery. 

Our team can also build you a personalized pre-hab plan that’s intended to reduce your symptoms and your need for post-surgical rehab. You don’t even need to come to one of our clinics for pre-hab. This is because we offer virtual care and at-home therapy that allow you to get its benefits without leaving home. In addition, you can use any of our therapy services without first getting a doctor’s referral. 

Contact us today for more information about our pre-hab service or to schedule your initial appointment. 

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