How long do herniated discs commonly take to heal without surgery?

How Long for Herniated Discs to Heal Without Surgery

A herniated disc is a troublesome condition that can be painful on its own, and it can also lead to pinched nerves that cause even more pain. In many cases, herniated discs will heal without surgery. How long this takes can vary, but in most cases, your recovery will take up to eight weeks. 

Unfortunately, there are some factors that can increase how long your herniated disc takes to heal without surgery. A physical therapist can help you learn about these factors so you can avoid them, and these specialists can also help you treat your herniated discs and decrease your recovery time. 

Factors that can increase how long your herniated disc recovery takes

There are many factors that can affect how long your herniated disc healing can take, and not avoiding them can push you into not being able to do without surgery. Some of the factors that can increase your recovery time include: 

  • Lifting heavy weights.
  • Bending over frequently.
  • Sitting down for long periods of time. 
  • Playing contact sports.

What can physical therapists do to treat your herniated disc?

Physical therapists can play a major role in how long your herniated disc healing takes, and often, they can help you recover without surgery. Meeting these goals can be accomplished with a unique therapy plan. A few of the therapy methods that may be included in your plan are: 

  • McKenzie Method® intended to help you learn about your condition and reduce your risk of developing it again. 

Find effective treatment for your herniated disc at Armor Physical Therapy

Want to reduce how long your herniated disc takes to heal and go without surgery? Our team at Holland PT is ready and willing to help you meet all your recovery goals. We’ll start by confirming your symptoms are caused by a herniated disc with a free screening. Then, our specialists will create an individualized therapy plan for you that’s intended to provide benefits like: 

  • Reduced pain.
  • Shortened recovery time.
  • Increased spinal mobility and strength.
  • Decreased risk of future back injuries. 

We can even help you get therapy from home with our virtual therapy service. 

Contact our team today for more information about the therapy services we offer for back conditions or to schedule an initial appointment. 

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