How can physical therapists help you remedy pain from a stiff neck?

Stiff Neck Pain

Going through the day with stiff neck pain can be frustrating or even debilitating. When you develop neck stiffness, you realize how important it is to move your head around without pain. In our world of technology, we spend many hours a day looking at our phones or other devices. Screen viewing can slowly contribute to bad posture, which may cause neck stiffness over time. If you have neck stiffness that causes you discomfort or even pain, you shouldn’t ignore it. 

Are you suffering from a stiff neck that causes you pain? Physical therapy offers natural and effective techniques that can help relieve your stiff neck pain. 

Physical therapy techniques to relieve pain from neck stiffness

There are numerous different techniques used by physical therapists for neck stiffness. It will depend on the condition causing your neck pain. Your neck stiffness could be related to your occupation, if you have been injured, or if you experience discomfort related to aging. Regardless, there are a few techniques that are commonly used by physical therapists to treat neck stiffness and pain because of their effectiveness. Here are some of them: 

  • Soft tissue mobilization — This hands-on technique is a type of manual therapy. The physical therapist will use their hands to stimulate blood flow to the soft tissue in your neck. This can reduce inflammation that might be contributing to your neck pain, and can also help relieve neck stiffness. 
  • Therapeutic exercises — Strengthening your neck muscles is another great way to reduce your symptoms. Your physical therapist can demonstrate the most effective therapeutic exercises for a stronger neck. By strengthening your muscles, you reduce the tension in your neck caused by holding your head up during the day. A stronger neck is less stressful on your spine, and can also help improve your posture.
  • Ergonomic adjustments — Your posture while sitting and standing can influence how stiff your neck is throughout the day. Your physical therapist may evaluate your posture. Then they can determine any adjustments you need to make to prevent worsening your neck stiffness. Proper posture can reduce neck tension that could be causing you pain. 

If you want to relieve your neck stiffness, Armor Physical Therapy is ready to help

Nobody wants to be in pain, and having a stiff neck can put you in a bad mood. Our specialists at Armor Physical Therapy are experts in relieving neck stiffness. We are prepared to build you a personalized treatment plan that targets the cause of your neck stiffness and reduces your pain.

Contact us today for more information about stiff neck pain or to schedule an initial appointment. 

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