Four signs you need neck pain treatment

neck pain treatment

Neck pain can have a wide range of causes, from sleeping in the wrong position to a serious injury related to a car crash. While minor cases can improve on their own and the most serious cases require immediate medical attention, in other situations it can be difficult to know when neck pain treatment is required. 

To help you find the relief you deserve if neck pain is beginning to interfere with your life, the team at Armor Physical Therapy is providing the following guide. If you’d like to learn more about our treatment options if you believe your neck pain needs professional care, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. 

Neck pain treatment indicators to watch out for

If any of the following apply to you, it is strongly recommended to seek neck pain treatment from a qualified professional such as your primary care doctor or a physical therapist. 


  • Your pain hasn’t improved in a short period of time — Minor cases of neck pain, such as a muscle strain from a workout, should improve in a few days to a week. If it persists longer it could be a sign of a more serious problem. 
  • Your pain is not responding to basic treatments — Similarly, minor neck pain should respond to initial care like rest, ice and heat therapy. If pain is not improving, or is worsening, more involved treatment may be required.
  • Your pain is affecting everyday activities — If neck pain is interfering with your job performance, doing work around the house, driving a car or sleeping, then it’s a strong indicator that it could be related to a chronic condition or a more serious injury. 
  • Your pain is accompanied by other symptoms — Neck pain accompanied by symptoms like shooting pains into the arms and hands or migraines could mean that an upper spine condition is present. If you are experiencing related symptoms, you should schedule an appointment with your doctor for diagnosis and treatment. 


To provide neck pain treatment, a physical therapist can perform a physical examination and ask questions about your symptoms to develop a personalized treatment plan. Physical therapy can help strengthen supporting muscles, improve range of motion, relax and stimulate connective tissue, and promote circulation to supplement the body’s healing process. 

Neck pain treatment with Armor Physical Therapy

When you come to Armor Physical Therapy for neck pain relief, you can expect a warm and compassionate patient experience. From our friendly front staff to our experienced and knowledgeable therapists, we’re all dedicated to helping you find the relief you deserve. To learn more and schedule your initial appointment, contact our team today.

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