Four signs physical therapy could help your shoulder pain

signs of shoulder pain

Shoulder pain is one of those types of pain that you may think only athletes are at risk for developing, but it can affect anyone for a number of reasons. In fact, the shoulder is injured more frequently than any other joint.

Shoulders are very complex joints interwoven by muscles, ligaments and tendons that help your arm rotate and lift. When one of these is hurt, the entire shoulder suffers. Some cases of shoulder pain are minor and go away after a few days of rest, but shoulder pain may be the sign of something more serious.

To help you know more about shoulder pain and when to seek medical attention, we put together this list of signs of serious shoulder pain to be on the lookout for.

Four signs you need professional treatment for shoulder pain

  1. The pain is severe or chronic — Pain that lasts longer or is extreme, is not normal and requires medical assistance. Do not try to ignore shoulder pain as this can lead to more pain or a more severe problem, like permanent disability.

  2. Your range of motion is limited — Your rotator cuff includes all of the muscles and ligaments and tendons that hold together the shoulder. If one of these tissues are torn or strained, you will find it difficult to get full use out of your shoulder.

  3. You cannot move your shoulder at all — Some conditions or injuries can completely immobilize your shoulder. If this happens to you, do not hesitate to seek medical attention.

  4. The pain started after an impact or stressful activity — Physical activity, like sports or manual labor, can lead to strain or overuse that cause shoulder injuries. Additionally, if you notice pain after an impact (like an automobile accident), you should get medical assistance.

Contact Armor Physical Therapy for shoulder pain treatment

The shoulder is a complex joint, but it is not too complex for the physical therapists at Armor Physical Therapy. Our team is trained and experienced in treating a variety of conditions and injuries, including those that affect the shoulder. Please contact us today if you’re suffering from shoulder pain and would like help reducing pain and regaining the use of your shoulder.

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