Four conditions that cause neck and shoulder muscle pain

Neck and Shoulder Muscle Pain

Stretching when you wake up in the morning. Looking and reaching up to grab your coffee cup off that high shelf. Driving to and from work or the grocery store. These are all activities that can become more difficult to do if you have neck and shoulder muscle pain. 

There are multiple muscles that run between the neck and shoulder, and there are many issues that can lead to some level of pain in these muscles. In fact, it’s estimated that up to 79.5% of people develop neck pain every year and nearly 47% of people develop shoulder pain annually. One medical professional who can help you learn the cause of your pain is a physical therapist. Also, these specialists can offer effective treatment for your neck and shoulder muscle pain.  

These four conditions commonly cause neck and shoulder muscle pain

An issue with your neck and shoulder muscles can lead to a significant level of pain. However, it will be tougher to treat your pain if you don’t know what’s causing it. Physical therapists can evaluate your neck and shoulder movement and symptoms, and they can determine what’s causing your pain. 

Four of the issues that therapists commonly find include: 

  1. Osteoarthritis — This is a natural wearing that can occur in the facet joints of the neck or the shoulder joint. It can put additional strain on the muscles that support the neck and shoulders, which can cause discomfort. 
  1. TendinitisTendons attach muscles to bones in the neck and shoulder. Pain in your muscles can develop when these tendons are irritated or damaged.
  1. Strains — A strain occurs when a muscle develops microscopic tears. Typically, this happens when muscles are overstretched or perform too many repetitive movements. 
  1. Whiplash — This condition occurs when the head moves violently forward and backward. It can happen during a car accident or during contact sports, and whiplash can cause damage that makes neck and shoulder muscles ache. 

Find help with your neck and shoulder muscle pain at Armor Physical Therapy

Looking for ways to treat the pain in your neck and shoulder muscles? Our Armor Physical Therapy specialists have the training and experience to help you get what you’re looking for. We offer free screenings designed to reveal the cause of your pain. Furthermore, our physical therapists excel at constructing individualized therapy plans intended to reduce pain and improve mobility. The plan we create for you could include therapy methods like: 

Contact us today for more information about our therapy services for neck and shoulder problems or to schedule an initial appointment. 

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