Four Benefits of Physical Therapy-Based Degenerative Disc Treatment

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If you need degenerative disc treatment, one treatment option you should consider is physical therapy. Physical therapy may bring you four specific benefits. To realize these benefits, though, you’ll need a high-quality physical therapy team.

Armor Physical Therapy has the team of physical therapy professionals that you need. We’re proud to offer help for your degenerative disc issues. The philosophy that drives our team is that the patient comes first. It’s this drive that helps us create the best physical therapy plan possible for you, and it runs through every step of our physical therapy process.

The first step of this process is for you to come to our office for an initial one-on-one evaluation. During this session, we’ll determine the severity of your condition and how it’s affecting your body. Our team will then use this information to create a degenerative disc treatment plan for you. This plan will target the specific issues that you’re having and may have many benefits for you.

The top four benefits of degenerative disc treatment at Armor Physical Therapy

Effective degenerative disc treatment can be a hard thing to find. But, the team at Armor Physical Therapy can help you develop a physical therapy program for this condition.

Degenerative disc issues are primarily caused by age and genetics.  Unfortunately, this means our team can’t completely cure this condition. However, we can design a therapy plan that may help you deal with the symptoms you’re experiencing from your degenerative disc issues.

There are several symptoms that you may experience if you have degenerative discs. One of these symptoms is excessive pressure on your joints. You may also experience bone-on-bone rubbing. Also, you may notice increased inflammation in and around your spine. Finally, you may notice that your spinal muscles feel weak and unstable.

A Armor Physical Therapy treatment plan may help you deal with these symptoms a little easier. Our treatment plans may be able to provide you with several benefits, such as:

  • Improvements in your spinal mobility
  • Significant reductions in your level of pain
  • Increases in the strength of your spinal supporting muscles
  • Improvements in your ability to perform daily tasks

These are only four benefits you may get from a degenerative disc treatment plan, but there are many others. With these benefits, our team may be able to help you regain some of your lost independence.

Find out more about our degenerative disc treatment services by contacting our team at Armor Physical Therapy today to schedule a consultation.

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